Cuddles the Urban Pirate – the Original Pirate Cat – has stood up for Animal Rights, all while entertaining us pesky humans for over 20 years. From the early mini-comics and stickers to the current apparel line available exclusively through Offbeat Mixed Media, Cuddles has just begun to bring you great swag. Look for graphic novels, canvas art, mugs and more in the near future.

Cuddles the Urban Pirate Jolly Roger

Ahoy Mateys! Get all your Cuddles the Urban Pirate booty here – from Tee Shirts, Hats and other apparel to Mugs, cell phone cases, and canvas art, including Halloween and other holiday swag.

Other Characters

Offbeat Mixed Media will be releasing products featuring the various characters from the Cuddles the Urban Pirate comic book series.

Bunny Kung Foo Foo

Lil Bunny Kung Foo Foo – a take on the classic fable – Foo Foo has given up bopping field mice and set his sights on larger targets… humanity!

Nigel the Mouse

Hapless Nigel the Mouse has been bootlegged by modern pirates! Be sure to order your Nigel – and all Cuddles the Urban Pirate – gear through Offbeat Mixed Media.

Cuddles the Urban Pirate has the booty you desire!

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