Support the Arts series of Tee Shirts Available…

Do you Support the Arts? We here at Offbeat Mixed Media Support the Arts so much that our Support the Arts Series was banned by other printers! Does that makes us official Artists?!

Now you can order them through our Etsy Store. Just click the button below!!

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Now you can order our products  shopping through! (Except the Support the Arts Series – use Etsy)
Order from Offbeat Mixed Media‘s ever-growing list of designs and products while selecting the latest hot must-read novel and some extra socks from the same trusted online shopping center.
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New Products

All of our current designs are available on Tee Shirts, and Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Beanie Caps and Coffee Mugs will be following rapidly.

We will be providing even more products, including Books, Tote Bags, Hats, Stickers, Phone Cases, Dresses, 3/4 Sleeve Sports Shirts, V-Necks, Cropped Tees, Tank Tops, Swim Wear, Sports Bras, Yoga Pants, Beach Towels, Backpacks, Canvas Art… And we see no reason to stop there!


The best news for you is that EVERYTHING IS REDUCED 15-20%. A tee shirt that had cost $24.00 is now just $20!

We will still be offering further discounts, promotions and other special offers to our Social Media Friends and Subscribers. (Especially the Subscribers – they’re our favorites! :P)

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We’ve got something for everybody … even you!