The Porpoises have many Purposes. The chief among them is to bring Humanity into Earth’s natural higher frequencies, and therefore to enter the Multiverse, as enlightened beings. As such, the prime directive for all Porpoises is to shift our paradigm to the Offbeat. The secondary directive is based in each Porpoise Tribe’s specific calling.

Also worth note, is that all Porpoises, from every rank, would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Peoples of Earth, for all the wonderful, tasty Fish.

Legal Porpoises are committed to a life of service in the Courts, helping to sort out the complex legal frameworks of our cannabis and hemp laws, to protect us all from the foul reach of an entrenched prohibition industry. Without the Legal Porpoises, many more people would suffer at the hands of ignorant or corrupt law enforcement officials and prosecutors, who refuse to accept the changing legal landscape, and insist on seeing only criminality whenever they witness lawful cannabis and hemp operations or activities.

In a Democratic Republic, The People are the ultimate arbiters of the law, and whenever a law becomes unjust, it is our duty and responsibility to change it. Here in the U.S.A., we have begun the arduous task of changing our capricious and archaic cannabis hemp laws, in order to facilitate Truth, Justice and the American Way. Cannabis and Hemp use are legal now in many States, and wherever this is the case, our legal rights must be exercised and upheld. Use cannabis and hemp freely, and if you run afoul of angry prohibitionists, remember to proclaim your use “Four Legal Porpoises”.

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